Reiki 1 Class April 2017

The journey with Reiki

Rei Ki means universal life energy. Although Dr. Usui is officially credited for discovering Reiki in 1922, after he went on a meditation retreat to Mt. Kurama in Japan, it is a gift that has always been part of humanity.

My intuition tells me that we all carry the gift to access this flow of energy present in everything. It feels like we have been asleep for long time and are now finally reawakening to the knowledge that we can heal ourselves and others through vibration.

Reiki officially came to me in 1994 through my friend Nancy Telford who was already a Reiki Master/Teacher back then. As a new mom I was looking for some relief to balance myself. I committed to sessions at Nancy’s office and noticed the profound and positive impact it was making in my life.

It would still take me many years before starting my journey as a teacher, but in 2005 I became a Usui Reiki Master/Teacher and a Karuna® Reiki Master/Teacher the following year.

Since then I have trained many wonderful people, and I am so happy to see our tribe growing. Teaching Reiki and Energy Healing is one of the most rewarding activities in my life. My goal as a spiritual healer and teacher is to assist everyone in their personal transformation to optimum health and happiness, to reach their highest goal in life.

I currently teach  Reiki 1 twice a year, and many students continue on to Reiki 2 and ART/Reiki Master. I like to incorporate basics of energy healing into my Reiki classes, so for Reiki 1 I teach about Aromatherapy, Bach flower essences and Crystal healing in combination with the Chakra system.

The following pictures are from the Reiki 1 practitioner class this April. There is no pic of me, since I was the photograper as well :).

You can find out more about my Reiki classes here on my website.

The classroom from above
The classroom from above
Crystal Grid with singing bowl
Our centerpiece, the Crystal Grid with a Heart frequency singing bowl
Pastries and Rooibos Chai
Pastries and Rooibos Chai

Silke's Art Reiki 1 April17-1-3

Silke's Art Reiki 1 April17-17Silke's Art Reiki 1 April17-1

Chakra Meditation
Chakra Meditation
Reiki Group Healing session with the help of Crystals and Gemstones
Reiki Group Healing session with the help of Crystals and Gemstones
Mother and Daughter :)
Mother and Daughter 🙂
Healing hands and Crystal grids
Healing hands and Crystal grids

Silke's Art Reiki 1 April17-34Silke's Art Reiki 1 April17-29

Sodalite for the Third Eye Chakra
Sodalite for the Third Eye Chakra

Silke's Art Reiki 1 April17-24Silke's Art Reiki 1 April17-8Silke's Art Reiki 1 April17-21

Thank you Ladies for the honor!
Thank you Ladies for the honor!


Shutterfest 2017

Illuminating the Night

Silke's Art Veronica 1-

It was such a pleasure again to be part of Shutterfest 2017. Beautiful Veronica Francis and I had arranged to get together once again for a photoshoot, but by the time we were ready the sun had already set. This gave me the oppurtunity to play with light in a new way and experiment for a more dramatic look than I could have achieved otherwise. Of course the amazing grace that Veronica embodies made this shot and others very easy. So grateful for the whole experience of the 2.5 days of Shutterfest madness in St. Louis and the gorgeous setting at Union Station. Never stop growing and learning in all directions!

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Spring Equinox 2017

Wishing everyone a wonderful Spring Equinox!
Enjoy my latest frequency created for this occation, called “Renewal”.
Today marks the creation of a new yearly cycle where the Sun crosses the celestial equator and day and night are amost equal in our Northern Hemisphere.
It is the celebration of spring through festivals and holidays around the world and always a time to shed the old and clear away the dust to invite the energy of renewal and an influx of light once again into our lives.
Have an amazing day!

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Spring Equinox 17 w

Building your visions with the moon

From the new moon to the full moonnew-moon

Happy New Year!
January 2017 is already almost over, and most of us are still catching up from the turmoil of 2016.
Today’s new moon is a perfect time to set your intentions for this coming year.
The time between now and February 10th, the day of the full moon, is the perfect setting for new creations.
Take some time out this evening for yourself, go inward and reflect on the things that make your heart sing.

For this ritual get a mason jar with a lid, pieces of paper and a pen. Start writing down ideas that come from your heart center. What can you contribute to the world? What are your goals for this year? How can you share more, love deeper, be more creative, and find more joy in daily life.
Keep adding these notes with ideas to the Mason jar for the next 13 days until the full moon.

On the evening of the full moon place your notes in a burning bowl on top of sand and light them with the intention to be transmuted by fire and sent out into the Universe. This allows for your intentions to build with the moon.

Here in Clarksville we will host a Red Tent Event on February 12th, and combine our dreams into one burning bowl.

I look forward to sharing sisterhood with everyone again, see you soon, Silke

Past Life Regression

Into the heart of Healing the past

Kaleidoscope Past Life Rainbow 1

It’s been a while since I created any frequencies. Here is my newest one as an offering to all of you, who may benefit from it. I created it with the web and connections of all the lives our soul has traveled through in mind. I toned it with the colors of the rainbow as each life and experiences within it shape us and help us grow.

Throughout the month of August I am offering a Hypnotherapy special on Past Life Regression.

Have you ever wondered about your past lives? What past connections do you have with people in your current life? How are you, your skills, fears or character traits linked to your past? Are you ready to heal patterns that do not serve you anymore? Contact me via email at or call Holistic Health Center at (931) 919-2691 for a private session and take advantage of this special offer during August.



Sacred creation within 13


Today, on the 13th I would like to gift you with my newest frequency “Creation”. The number 13 is the full manifestation of the sacred shape of the Flower of Life through the 13 spheres that form the the Platonic shapes within Metatron’s Cube.
   This frequency can assist you with the creation of new possibilities from the seed of an original idea. Refining the best path along the way, it will move new projects into a beautiful reality.
Contained within it are also the energies of fertility.
   I create these frequencies based on my knowledge of sacred geometry and intuitive guidance. The pattern forms and shapes itself when I am in that creative state. Enjoy!